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Welcome to Bruno's Voice Film Website

Bruno's Voice is a documentary film that follows Sara Bank Wolf's search for the story of her father, Dov.
During the war, Dov hid with his mother, his father and 13 other Jews in cellar in the town of Przemyśl on the Ukrainian-Polish border, for two and a half years. Dov was three years old when he went into hiding. He says it took him a few days to get used to sunlight after such a long time in the dark.




About the film

The film Bruno's Voice (Dov's nickname) tells two parallel stories:

The story of Sara Bank Wolf, who one day, in the midst of the Covid
pandemic, decided to reinvestigate her father's story, a story he had never
told. Like in a detective story, we will follow Sara's search for the children and
grandchildren of the survivors other than her father, grandfather and
grandmother. In a fascinating journey across continents and generations, Sara
reaches people whose only connection to her are the fact that her family and
their parents hid together in the cellar during the Holocaust.

The second story describes life in hiding: Two and a half years in a cellar that
was dark and suffocating. According to one of the stories, the ceiling in the
hiding place was so low that it was impossible to stand up. How does one live
in these conditions? What does one eat? Does one even eat? How does one
pass the time? How does one live in fear that at any moment one might be
discovered, and e
veryone be murdered?

The image of Holocaust survivors is one of adults, who had grown up by the time we were born, and we tried to understand how 16 human beings lived in hiding. One thing we had never thought about – they were all very young, between 16 and 25, young people who wanted to devour life, locked in an underground cellar for two and a half years. What did they do there? Were there romances? What was the dynamic between the residents of the hiding-place?

In the film, from the stories of the children and grandchildren, we will try to understand how they lived there. We will look for the trivial stories, try to understand what the daily routine was, down to the gossip.


The combination of the present, in which Sara searches for the survivors' children, and the past, where we gather the trivial stories from the hiding-place, makes Bruno's Voice a unique voice among Holocaust films that are based on survivors' testimonies. Our focusing on the little, "unimportant" details of daily life opens a window to a slightly different, more intimate and specific understanding of the Holocaust. We believe that the viewers will be able to better understand the frightening, inconceivable word "Holocaust".


We would be happy for you to join us and the production of the film whether by giving us additional knowledge, or by financing the film.
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